NYC Brooklyn Bridge Proposal - Mema Creations

Brooklyn Bride Proposal Mema Creations

Rain or shine Lloyd said he was proposing. It was raining all day and then the weather cleared up at 4pm. The humidity was out of control. I remember because I was literally 9 months pregnant ( the proposal happened August 6 and I gave birth to my son on August 31st) walking/waddling up and down Brooklyn Bridge making sure friends and family were in the right place. Lloyd and I made trip to the flower store to get roses. Melisa (@memacreations) showed up for magazine shoot. I told her I need a model and not only was she ready and fabulous but on time. As Melisa approached the proposal spot on the bridge, her family was standing off to the side.  As she walked each family member handed Melisa a rose and when she go to the end of the line, there was Lloyd on bended knee.  I had so much fun organizing and planning this proposal and I was even more happy to capture the moment. The happy couples engagement was featured on How He Asked!

Here are more images from the proposal.