Why I DO What I DO!

Nicole Mondestin NYC Portrait Photographer

As I’ve been diving into my business and prepping for my website launch next week, I’ve gotten to really revisit the true WHY behind what I do and why I love it SO much. And what I’ve discovered is this I love helping people! 

I am naturally nurturing. As a introvert with an eye for detail, I see things differently. What some people may see as ugly, a flaw or simply overlook. I look for beauty in unexpected places, turn flaws into beauty marks, weakness into strengths and highlight potential that has been overlooked. Creating images that inspire, empower and celebrate you! 

Whether it’s showing a brown girl there is beauty in melanin, helping a woman embrace her curves with a kick ass boudoir shoot, helping a boyfriend plan a proposal, empowering an entrepreneur with banging business photos, or celebrating a union. I was born to do this! And, honestly, I feel so stinking lucky to get to see that come true every day in my dream job. #launchwhatyoulove