Brooklyn Photographer - Colorful Bushwick Collective


I love being a NYC photographer! New York has so many cool locations to shoot in. Although Brooklyn is the new Manhattan It’s still has a lot of character. The Bushwick Collective is amazing! It’s bascially and outdoor art exhibit with a bunch of cool restaurants mixed in! When Dania mentioned she wanted a colorful background for her photos! I knew the colllective would be a great fit! 



Dania and I met on a cold February Saturday morning in home studio in Cambria Heights, NY. After discussing her wardrobe and jewelry options. She changed and we headed to Brooklyn! I quickly scanned the area and within a couple of minutes I knew exactly where I wanted shoot. Because Dania and I discussed her shoot goals and exactly what she was looking for during her preshoot consultation. I knew what walls would work best. 



One thing I always promise my clients that want to shoot in extreme weather conditions is that I have their best interest at heart always! If they can follow my directions and bare with being cold for a couple of minutes. I will work my ass off and get exactly what we need with minutes to spare. I love to make shoots fun so that clients forget about the weather. We also use a lot of hand and body warmers in unmentionable places. And stay hydrated. Insert giggle here. LOL  



Being a photographer in NYC can sometimes be a blessing and curse. You have to deal with foot traffic, street traffic, and et. But most importantly it’s obtaining permits! UGH!   However when you find a beautiful locations and create art that inspires, empowers and celebrates your clients. I don’t mind the hassles at all!

Ps: while Dania was standing street a random dude proceed to approach her. I always look to see if my clients are comfortable and want me to intervene in certain situations. Dania gave me the “I’m not interested look” and Nicole Mondestin the bodyguard  came out! Lol. problem solved. I bet you didn’t know that you get a photographer and  bodyguard when you book with me! LMAOOOO!

Well guys, that’s it for now. Keep rocking it out! Until next time darlings!