The Accidental Model - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer


I love this particular set of photos because Samantha wasn’t supposed to be my model for the day. She was on set to style hair for Brown Girl With A Camera NYC 2015 Meetup that I helped organize.  

It was hot and sunny day in downtown Brooklyn (aka the photographer’s wonderland). We  rented a studio and crammed in to prepare for the shoot. The music was pumping, makeup, dresses, and models  were everywhere. A few of the models showed up late and we were approaching the call time for the shoot. So I didn’t really notice we were down a model until we were already on set. I know crazy! But it happens. As the Meetup attendees were shooting the models. I quietly asked Sam if she could step in and be a model at the suggestion of my makeup artist Nicole Summers of Nozzie by Nicole.



Needless to say Sam slayed every shot! I took these shots of Sam sitting on a step in natural light with a white reflector to fill in some of the shadows from the harsh sun. Because it was hot and I didn’t want Sam’s makeup to melt. I moved her as little as possible resulting in the three shots you see in this post. Of course I took more than three photos of Sam but these are my absolute fave.  


As a Black Female Photographer based in NYC. I strive to create images that inspire, empower and celebrate my clients. When I showed Sam her final images. I like to think that she felt a little empowered being put on the spot and then slaying her photos. Now she will have this experience and photos to look back on for many years to come. I’m just happy to be apart of it.

Welp, that’s all for today darlings. Until next time keep dreaming, conquering and loving in color! After all what would our dreams be without color?  

- XOXO Nic