SESSION FEE & RETAINER.  A non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking in order to secure your date.  Your date will not be reserved until the retainer is paid. The remaining balance of your session fee must be paid on or before your session date. If you pay the remaining balance on your session date it must be paid upon your arrival to the session. No shooting, styling or makeup application, etc. will take place if your session fee is not paid in full.  Once the retainer is paid no other client can reserve your date or time slot, therefore retainers are non-refundable. If a client pays the retainer and needs to reschedule. The retainer is valid for one year from the original booking date. All retainers that are not redeemed within one year will be null and void. 

 ACCEPTABLE FORS OF PAYMENT. Cash, bank certified checks, paypal, credit/debit cards.

 CANCELLATION. If you need to cancel your session, please notify me 48 hours in advanced of your scheduled session date. All clients who notify me within 48 hrs of their session date will immediately be scheduled for the next available date.  However you are only allowed to postpone your session date two times. If your session is postponed more than two times an additional $150.00 will be applied to your remaining balance.  If your postponement is due to inclement whether you will not penalized and will not incur any additional fees other than remaining session fee balance.

 TIME. Please arrive on time for your session dressed and ready to shoot.  Please note that there is an allotted time for your shoot specifically for you. If you arrive late to your session your shooting time will start at the time of your arrival and will not be extended.

 INCLEMENT WEATHER. We will reschedule for the next available date. If inclement weather cuts your session short.  We will schedule a date and time to finish the remainder of your session. 

 ATTENDANCE. Is limited to those being photographed. No more than 1 additional person will be allowed at the photo session, unless its parents accompanying a minor. Having additional people present who are not being photographed can be distracting to both the photographer and to those being photographed. Cameras of any kind are not permitted at your photo session. 

 PRINTS AND PRODUCTS. All orders must be placed within 2 weeks of gallery posting. All payments must be made within 5 days of receiving the invoice. After two weeks, a $50.00 re-archival fee applies to reopen your gallery. 

DIGITAL IMAGES.  Digital images included in the portrait session packages are high res images unless otherwise stated. Images included with event photography prices are low res images. Unless otherwise stated. If you would like to purchases high res images of your event. High res images maybe purchased from the a la carte menu for an additional fee. 

 COPYRIGHT. All images/products created and provided by Nicole Mondestin Photography whether print or digital may not be reproduced by any means. Scanning or reproduction of purchased images without Nicole Mondestin Photography's consent constitutes copyright infringement and is punishable by law. Nicole Mondestin Photography is the only entity allowed to print and reproduce your images unless otherwise stated.